A Registered Investment Advisor

FSSG offers on-line research and daily conference call from Correspondent Services Corporation (our clearing agent, a wholly owned subsidiary of UBS PaineWebber).

Our branches have networked, real-time quotes, news, and client account information.

The independent FSSG broker/branch chooses which type of access  better suits their needs:Networked directly with FSSG (providing a full-featured broker workstation – quotes, new, client account information, UBS PaineWebber research, and other research sources; or

Connected to FSSG via the Internet (providing backoffice, quotes, and research).

FSSG e-mail: each broker has his own e-mail address ([email protected]). The broker may send individual e-mail to clients and approved e-mail to groups of clients. The broker may retrieve and send e-mail through the FSSG POP-3 server 24 hours per day. With FSSG’s Internet solution, the broker’s office is as mobile as his laptop.

RIA/IA: FSSG brokers may function in either of two ways relative to the provision of investment advisory services:Since FSSG is a registered investment adviser (RIA), employees or independent brokers may act as an Independent Advisor (IA) under FSSG’s RIA, charging a management fees (wrap-fee) or commissions on a full line of managed accounts; or

Independent brokers may register and operate their own RIAs (subject to the approval and supervision of FSSG Compliance Department).