A Registered Investment Advisor

We have assembled one of the finest packages of services available in the industry.   First Southeastern Securities Group, Inc. (FSSG) is partnered with the best vendors in the industry, and can offer you the top rated Central Asset Account, with  cost basis and tax lot accounting on your statement, nine month and year end trade summary, checkbook with expense coding, electronic funds transfer, a month-end debit card, ATM access, 24 hour account information, and bill payment.  Also excess insurance coverage (above SIPC) to the total value of the account, no $10 million or $100 million coverage limit about which your clients might worry.

If FSSG can offer this list to you via our Central Asset Account, imagine what else we offer:

High Payouts;
Managed accounts;
Research access;
Mutual funds;
Insurance products;
Broker workstation;
Block Trade and Managed Account Trading Desk;
Personal trust accounts;
Information systems
On-line order entry
Client Internet access

Please review all facets of our web site and then contact us to sample our most important feature –¬†our people!